It is the story of an artificial chemical synthesis that uses the intelligence of its environment as a system: the key of the process is an underwater cultivation of sponges, which are chemically driven to reject the collagen, an enzyme able to convert the acid silica present in the water into solid silica. 

The machine is an extension of the underwater environment: The synthetic kelp expresses itself as a long arm composed by several independent rotors and flexible pneumatic joints, which get corrupted by the biotope itself. 

In fluid dynamics, turbulence is a fluid regime characterized by chaotic, stochastic property changes. The aim is to use a machine to control the forces of the centrifugal sedimentation and to develop a process of construction, growing architectural qualities. 

Within the ensemble there is a controlled working area where the secretion of the silica based biomaterial takes place on the periphery of the vortexes created by the synthetic kelps. The trajectory of construction is a top-down system. 

The phenotype of the urban fragment functions like the mass of an iceberg, which gives you the possibility to have a stratification of different subtle atmospheres. Breaking the borderline to create an indeterministic, fragile island-habitat between two worlds of living. 











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